An opinion that college education is already expensive enough

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An opinion that college education is already expensive enough

Anyone who is passionate enough to want a college education should be afforded the opportunity to at least try. Business continues to be the most popular major with 12 million grads, while Education was the second most popular, with 8 million. Putting that into perspective, the profile of the average U.

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In an article in The Huffington Post this summer, they predicted that student loan debt will exceed the median annual income for college grads by This is on top of the wages of college graduates actually dropping 5.

Considering that Congress finally agreed this summer, after months of haggling, to stabilize the interest rate for college loans which translates to roughly 3.

Just about every parent 94 percent says they want their child to attend college. So, with that encouragement, nearly 68 percent of high school graduates started out for college 44 percent of these kids to community college. College is now more popular then religion or spouses!

In the end, only 54 percent of these kids actually graduate within six years of starting college.

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So we have all these students with high hopes and dreams going in, but only about half graduate and join society with crazy student loan debt. We would all love scholarships for our kids, but that does not happen to most.

This weak economy of ours is forcing institutions to limit their generosity in scholarships and financial aid, so the average student takes on more debt than the generation before.

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Anyone wanting to go to college needs to explore every option for help. The Council for Opportunity in Education is a nonprofit organization established in dedicated to expanding college opportunities for low income, first-generation students, veterans and students with disabilities.

If you want to help fulfill kids' dreams of going to college, look into Scholarship America to help with a donation. America is the land of dreams and opportunity. It would be just great if we could make a college education free just like we do a high school education, but each of us in our right mind knows this is a pipe dream.

A college degree is worth a million dollars more than a high school degree over your lifetime.

An opinion that college education is already expensive enough

Being well educated is priceless. I guess the risk of adding to your debt may be worth the reward of being a strong contributor to our economic future.

I just wish it did not hurt so much.Aug 24,  · You are already subscribed to this email. , on Page A25 of the New York edition with the headline: Is Private School Not Expensive Enough?. Opinion - Education. 10 Least Expensive Online Colleges for In-State Students In-state state students pay around $ per credit on average for these online bachelor's programs, U.S.

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News data show. I have to admit that although college is quite expensive and that I might have a hard time affording it, it would be worth much more knowing that the majority of students around me care for their education unlike in high school.

No. There's a statistic we cite in the book that by the year there will be 14 million jobs available, well-paying jobs, which will require more than a high school diploma but less than a college diploma.

Right now, a graduate of a community college, which is a two-year college, on average, makes more than a graduate of a four-year college.

Nov 19,  · Watch video · The federal student loan program itself began as a small part of Lyndon Johnson's vision for a Great Society, as he aimed to increase access to college through the Higher Education Act of This article was first published under the title “A Matter of Influence” on October 24, in Connections, the newsletter of the Southwest Florida’s Hispanic Business Link (See A Matter of Influence).

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