Business plan workshops

The first presentation outlines the risk through science. Typically, a local disaster risk expert discusses the level of local risk for the peril topic and recaps impacts of previous disasters that have occurred in the region. The local risk presentation is followed by a business continuity presentation by an expert who covers the Back-to-Business BTB Self-Assessment in the toolkit. The BTB self-assessment allows the participating business or organization leader to think through a scenario, answer questions and record the insights regarding how the local disaster would impact their organization.

Business plan workshops

Discover the secrets to business growth Low cost, practical and held at locations near you in both metro and regional Victoria, Small Business Victoria SBV workshops are run by experts in their field. The workshops cover a range of business topics and business plan workshops offer a free mentoring session to all participants.

Starting your business How to turn an idea into a business Get your bright idea off the ground and running at this essential planning workshop. Come to grips with everything you need to know before you start your business, and walk away with a clear vision of what steps you'll need to take to turn your business idea into a reality.

Packed with tips, tools and expert step-by-step guidance, this workshop prepares you to give your business the best chance of success. Book now Starting a business: Some of the state's biggest business success stories have been started by immigrants new to Business plan workshops — who've come from all over the world.

Understand everything you'll need to know about Australian business culture and starting a business in Victoria.

Business Development Workshops. Just Enterprise offers a range of business development workshops on crucial aspects of social enterprise activity. If you plan group exercises, keep the size of each group small, so people are more comfortable talking and interacting. Mix up different types of people in each group. For example, if several departments participate in your workshop, don't put members of the same department in their own group. Introduction. As organisations and information become more complex, it is no longer possible or sensible to rely on one person to make all the decisions.

Walk away feeling determined and prepared, with a clear vision of what steps you'll need to take to turn your business idea into a reality. Business planning essentials How to build a road map to success Put your business on the path to long-term success at this essential workshop that takes you step-by-step through the process of building a business plan.

Learn how to drive your business forward by mapping out a plan that reveals where your business is at right now, where you'd like it to be in the future — and most importantly — how to develop a clear vision about what steps to take next, and the strategies to get you there.

Book now Franchise essentials: For anyone who dreams of running their own show, buying a franchise is a proven alternative to the risks of starting a business from scratch.

At its best — it will hand you the keys to drive a tried and tested model with backup support whenever you need it. At its worst — you could end up buying a business that turns out to be a lemon.

Packed with tips, tools and expert guidance, this workshop teaches you what questions to ask before you decide to buy into a franchise. This workshop is delivered depending on demand. If you're keen to take part, send the workshops team an email at ws. Commercialising your new idea: Mastering business basics Effective business networking: Facilitated by experts in their field, this workshop offers valuable tips and guidance on how to tap into the power of networking.

Learn how to build trust and establish connections to promote opportunities that will help your business grow. Book now Effective record keeping: This essential introduction to good practice record keeping will help you put an end to paperwork that's getting the better of you.

business plan workshops

You'll leave this workshop feeling determined and ready to take back control of your day, knowing you have the skills to save time and energy for what matters most — both at home and at work.

Book now Effective business practices: This essential three and half-hour workshop provides step-by-step guidance on how to streamline the backend of your business, improve customer service, staff engagement and productivity.

Give your business the best chance to shine — because consistency will keep your customers coming back. Taking your business online: Learn how to make informed choices about websites and social media, get across search engines and online advertising, and size up the benefits that each one offers your business.

Taking you right back to basics, this workshop shows you how to access the right tools to begin, and builds a complete picture of the opportunities ahead.Chamber Resources Division Vice-Chair Renee Park.

Ambassadors - Chair Sheri Hawes & Co-Chair Jocelyn Wykoff. Goal: Serve as the liaison between the chamber board and membership. A global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes.

You can use the canvas to describe, design, challenge, and pivot your business model. Creative Plus Business offers a range of business workshops specifically tailored to creative people covering things like tax, legal, money & marketing.

Introduction. As organisations and information become more complex, it is no longer possible or sensible to rely on one person to make all the decisions.

Refine your business concept and plan with the guidance of successful entrepreneurs and supportive peer community. Business Pathways. Public housing residents: apply for a no-cost program that connects you with the resources, training, licenses, grants, and supplies to launch your business.

Sarah Rose will be transporting you to a smart city called ‘Agility Town’ where you’ll be immersed in a simulation that involves establishing a vision, building customer personas, creating story elaboration using story maps, user stories and prioritisation.

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