Conclusion paragraph for the oil spill

It was a mistake made by BP or they did it on purpose because the media needed somethung to make a story out of. Some of it could be sucked up and filtered, and some of it would be burnt off. Alternatively, algae could consume the oil.

Conclusion paragraph for the oil spill

Conclusion paragraph for the oil spill

Fixing references[ edit ] As soon as possible, the references need to be fixed. I will begin shortly if anyone else would like to help please do, it would be a great help.

I haven't checked the whole article, so there may be other material that would benefit from other sources too. On 26 May, all commercial fishing boats helping in the clean up were ordered ashore after some workers began experiencing health problems.

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All but two had been hospitalized suffering from symptoms emergency room doctors diagnosed as dehydration. No respiratory protection was issued, said Austin "because air ratings were taken and there were no values found to be at an unsafe level, prior to us sending them in there.

The second section re ten workers--the ref is no longer available. Pubmed is usually a good place to look. You can also restrict your search to academic reviews by after typing in your search selecting "Review" under "Article types" on the left side.

Arc de Ciel talk Filtering by review gives five higher-quality results. There also are reports of skin problems, people still having problems with breathing issues, coughing, those kinds of things A much larger study of people who worked in cleaning up the spill, which The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has started, they have found biomarkers two years after the spill that are matching the oil from the BP well, still in the bodies of people who worked cleaning up the spill.

Two years after the spill the study started by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found biomarkers that are matching the oil from the spill, in the bodies of cleanup workers.

Other studies have reported a variety of mental health issues, skin problems, breathing issues, coughing, and headaches. While the conference may have notability itself, it was presented as it was about the health issues related to the spill.

In fact, it was about all consequences of the spill and health issues was only one small part of this.

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Giving the number of participants makes a false impression that they were all persons dealing with health consequences; The quote was removed as, first, it was a journalist and not an expert who was quoted; and the quote itself was not encyclopedic.

Instead, all health issues said in the quote were listed in the changed paragraph. Special thanks to Beagle for fixing the refs.


I still want to figure out how to possibly group the information better and I still have more reading to do. I look forward to input from Core who said he will help when time permits. I may be able to get access to that.Oil spill essay fines.

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Conclusion paragraph for the oil spill

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The oil spill from the grounding of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez, The conclusion of Oil in the Sea III, perhaps surprising to many, is that oil from individual cars and boats, lawn for most oil pollution in the ocean, dwarfing inputs from oil and gas.

Research various techniques from the links below and write a paragraph outlining your proposed method to clean up an oil spill. Use information from your research to support your opinion. 2. An oil spill can be defined as an accidental or deliberate dumping of oil or petroleum products into the ocean and its coastal waters, bays, and.

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