Creative writing creating charachters

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Creative writing creating charachters

Somewhere, that's for sure. This is a hard question, actually. Usually the story or backstory of the character comes to me first. I'll note down any of their backstory that I can think of.

Next I consider appearance. I like to draw out some of the most defining characteristics of their appearance, which is usually their style.

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To get a clearer idea of how they look, sometimes I'll create my character on the sims. If I'm struggling to describe a character I'll draw a picture of them in the middle of a mindmap and write down connotations and adjectives I think of when creating them.

Mainly to do with appearance but not limited to that. And then I wait for the assault of ideas that come to me. Creative writing creating charachters usually dedicate a wattpad page to their characteristics. Personally, imo, character questionnaires like the Myers-briggs test are bs but if you like that then coolbc I forget what answers I selected for my character and in the end the result they get doesn't really mean anything to me.

To me, it's like one of those astrology sign tests things, I mean it's cool, but just because I'm an Aries doesn't mean I do xx thing. It's not really of significance to me, I define my character, not some test. A lot of the time I'll find myself jotting down funny things I've said or screenshotting pictures, saving songs that remind me of said characters.

I'll come up with little scenes that happen between characters, really none of this is forced, I don't really intend to have all these ideas they just come to me and it's not something you can really replicate -- it just happens. I may attribute parts of myself to my character. The wattpad pages dedicated to them are super in depth, tons of notes, how they walk, how they sleep, how they talk, how they react to bad things, are they a messy eater, what are their hobbies, weaknesses, even really stupid stuff like what side of the bed they sleep on.

I don't really look to compiled questions about my character, I just think if I was in drama class right now, how would I play this character.

Creative writing creating charachters

Some of my characters have playlists dedicated to them of songs that remind me of them or how they react to certain things or people, but that's one is optional bc it's kinda tedious adding all the songs.

I don't think I ever consider my character "finished" if you get me, I'm always having ideas that I have to write down so my characters are constantly growing.The purpose of a character arc is to show a deeper view of the character’s development throughout the story.

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For those unaware, let me explain the concept of Richard Matheson's book to. These Creative Writing Worksheets are free for your personal use. Character Worksheet Meeting a well-written character is one of the things that initially hooks a reader, and creates a . Oct 19,  · As fiction writers we rely a great deal on our familiarity with people we have met and observed when creating fictional characters.

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