Deaf like me book report

Tom, Louise and their first child, three-and-a-half-year-old Bruce, had been at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota when Bruce had come down with the German measles rubella. Not knowing what Bruce had come down with; Louise took Bruce to a doctor. The doctor said it was not a big deal but had asked Louise if she was pregnant. Anderson had her come in and he looked at a rash that Louise had noticed on her arm on the way to California.

Deaf like me book report

Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. This book is set in the sixties.

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Before rubella shots, technology advances for the deaf, more understanding on people with disabilities ETC. Tom and Louise have a first Child Bruce. Who is three or four when they have their second child.

However they had read some things about the condition causing birth defects. When Lynn was born she seemed totally healthy and a very easy baby.

The couple worried off and on about her hearing. At times thinking that she could hear at others not. She was so responsive when they were with her it was really hard to tell. At six months her hearing was tested. It was found she had profound hearing loss. She could hear extremely low frequencys like the sound of a drum.

The advice at the time and ongoing was that her best chances of success would be for her to get a hearing aid, and learn to lipread. Before the hearing aid she had to have an auditory trainer. The book carefully outlines the different tools they used along the way. After the auditory trainer which had minimal results, they went to the hearing aid.

Deaf like me book report

Which was bulky and uncomfortable for her to wear. She did seem to make more sounds with the aid on though and the couple held on to any bit of hope or progress. Which Lynn did gain, little bits here and their. She was a very engaging child and eager to please, she could read people very well and communicate well with gestures at a year old.

Sadly those gestures were highly discouraged by doctors due to needing to focus strictly on talking.

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Tom and the family moved often. Tom was a math professor and seemed to get a lot of job offers in many different states. So he and the family packed up and moved at least four times over the course of the book.

Wherever they went advice on Lynn was the same. Keep talking to her. Keep trying to get her to make sounds, to read your lips. Whatever you do do not gesture to her or use any other method of communication.

I have a good job and family and friends. But at this time this scared Tom and Louise. Tom had seen a few times in his life deaf people signing. He was kind of amazed by it as well as deeply troubled.

Lynn was doing speech therapy. They got this correspondence course on teaching a deaf child. They had different matching games and things to do. She would mouth words perfectly but would make no sound at all.Deaf like Me The book starts with Louise and Thomas a couple who has one child, a son, Bruce.

When Bruce is three, he gets German measles or rubella. Apr 05,  · Book review: Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley Hi everyone, As I’m getting to know Kate, wanting to learn to sign and learn more about the experience of people who are deaf, I’m searching for good memoirs on the subject.

Deaf Like Me It started in the summer of ; Louise and Tom Spradley had gotten pregnant with their second child. Tom, Louise and their first child, three-and-a-half-year-old Bruce, had been at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota when Bruce had come down with the German measles (rubella). The title of the book is “Deaf like Me” It is an appropriate title for the book. I believe that a lot of people do not know about the deaf community and how sign language is very affective in the deaf world. Deaf Like Me is the moving account of parents coming to terms with their baby girl's profound deafness. The love, hope, and anxieties of all hearing parents of deaf children are expressed here with power and simplicity. In the epilogue, Lynn Spradley as a teenager reflects upon being deaf, her education, her struggle to communicate, and 4/5(4).

Report abuse. Transcript of Deaf Like Me Book Presentation. Deaf Like Me What is it about? This book is about a family struggling with teaching their Deaf daughter to communicate. What was the plot? Lynn's Language and Education- The arrival of Lynn.

Lynn Spradley was born a . This book was really interesting and touching. The parents of Lynn, the deaf little girl, were very strong parents and their struggle to be able to make their daughters life as normal as possible was hard for them since everywhere they went the answer the always got was, for Lynn to try to talk and be treated as a .

"Deaf Like Me" by Thomas Spradely and James Spradely Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report Deaf Like Me by Thomas Spradely and James Spradely is an inspiring and interesting story about a Deaf . An essay or paper on Deaf Like Me. Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley, in Deaf Like Me chronicle the experiences of a parents coming to grips with their daughter.

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