Don t you hate having two heads

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Don t you hate having two heads

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Tuesday, March 26, In Defense of Sharing: I'm on a bit of a tear. So much so that I will be using the following words in this post: That's right, I'm going early twentieth century up in this shiz.

I keep seeing this post about why kids shouldn't be encouraged to share on my Facebook news feed. For some reason, I've read it multiple times. Every time I read it I end up doing one of those two handed palm up "why" gestures at my computer.

I don't know if you've read it, but allow me summarize it for you or go read it and come back. It has a set of rules that every parent has to follow to remain consistent.

One of these "we're all on the same page" rules is that any kid who has any toy gets to keep said toy as long as he or she want to. If said kid needs to go to the bathroom, from what I can tell, a designated toy watcher will keep the toy isolated until the child returns.

Stay the hell off of them until Jimmy is done. It doesn't have Sally's name on it, but her right of inheritance remains intact while she is off making a poo poo.

And the "wonderful" thing is, all the co-op kids have bought in to this strategy; so no one pitches a fit when they can't play with each other's Legos. I'm not even sure anyone even asks after the first couple weeks. OK, so let's try not to focus on the irony that this is a co-op Let's just continue on.

Very Bloggy Beth then shows us a couple "real world" examples of why the no-share policy is better. Then they get in what she refers to as a "typical toddler scuffle" which I like to imagine looked something like this: Eventually, angry bigger toddler's mom comes up, separates the two, and chides tiny toddler's mom for not teaching her kid how to share.

Don t you hate having two heads

In situation two, another toddler is playing with a toy in a sea of similar toys when a mom who doesn't belong to him comes up and instructs him to give up the toy he is currently playing with so the toddler she does belong to can play with it. Actual mom of toddler 1 is watching from the sidelines as not-his-mom fruitlessly asks over and over for not-her-kid to give up the toy.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

Eventually not-the-mom gives up and actual-mom chuckles from the sideline at her child's independence. Bloggy Beth doesn't agree with either approach, and here is where we agree. But then we part ways again.

She breaks it down thusly. I've always wanted to say thusly " …it's a good lesson for you both to learn that this giving your child everything they want isn't always possible, and you shouldn't step all over people to get things. Furthermore, this is not how things work in the real world.

In your child's adult life, he's going to think he's owed everything he sees. This is already happening in the next generation. You wouldn't cut in front of someone in the grocery checkout line, just because you didn't feel like waiting.

And most grown adults wouldn't take something from someone, like a phone or a pair of sunglasses, just because they wanted to use it. She's doing us a favor. She is going to teach her kids not to share so they can teach other kids the all-important lessons of personal responsibility, property ownership, and life's unfairness.

They will feel less entitled and more independent. They won't assume that they are owed. Atlas won't have to shrug. Rich people won't abandon us to move to a compound in Colorado.

That was a bit much. That's illogical, and to be honest, it's far too easy. Look, I can do it too! Can you believe that asshole going fifty in the passing lane for the last 20 miles.

He must have had a mom that taught him not to share! He must have gone to a parenting co-op where he had a designated "toy watcher" whilst he went poo poo.

Don t you hate having two heads

Society these days… Yes, I know my snark is turned up to an 11, but I really think these one to one comparisons of lessons and behaviors we teach our toddlers to practical, real world, adult situations are complete poppycock.Can Trump move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

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Must admit - don't mind the new Gumtree ad Guy has place, guy meet girl, guy & girl have kid and along the way buy and sell stuff. Although a bit cheesy someone seems to have thought it though.

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