Essay on alcoholism in india

Lakshadweep[ edit ] Lakshadweep is the only union territory that bans the sale and consumption of alcohol. Bangaram is an uninhabited island, but the Bangaram Island Resort has a bar. Authorities generally turn a blind eye towards illegal sales. Reports have stated that some police officials themselves engage in bootlegging.

Essay on alcoholism in india

In this essay we will discuss about Alcoholism. After reading this essay you will learn about: Meaning of Alcoholism 2. Classification of Alcoholism 3. Current Methods to Treatment Alcoholism 6. The problem of alcoholism has posed a serious threat to modern civilization for the very fact that around the world and particularly in the west very swiftly teenagers are turning alcoholics.

It is stated that out of every 20 persons in the U. Alcohol is the major Psychotic drug used worldwide. Only in the U. DSM III-R reports that according to the community study approximately 13 per cent of the adults had alcohol abuse or dependence at some point of their life.

Following heart disease and cancer alcoholism is the third largest health problem in the U. As estimated by DSM III-R about 35 per cent of the American adults abstain, 55 per cent drink less than three alcoholic drinks a week and only 11 per cent drink an average of one ounce or more alcohol a day.

Drinking pattern also vary with age and sex.

How alcoholism is creating a socio-economic problem in India?

Alcoholism is linked with many social evils including automobile and train accidents, murder, rape, physical assault, molestation, industrial accidents and also homicide and suicide. It disrupts social and familial life. Cancer and heart diseases occur due to heavy drinking.

It is also responsible for lowered efficiency and absenteeism among industrial workers. It is considered as the third major cause of death in U. The average life span of an alcoholic is 12 years less than of a normal person.

Essay on Measures to Control Alcoholism & Drug Addiction in India ( Words)

Alcohol is a depressant drug which affects the central nervous system immediately. It no doubt produces some stimulation and reduces tension and brings relaxation. But when larger amounts are consumed, sensory motor coordination, balance, vision, speech, thought processes and perceptions are affected.

It is the beginning stage.- Alcoholism Alcoholism is a very serious disease, which can cause illness, death, injuries, schooling problems, family breakups, and crime.

Essay on alcoholism in india

It is a proven fact the alcohol kills more people than any other illegal drugs combined. Database of FREE India essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas.

Sample India essays! Treatment and Prevention of Alcoholism in India.

Essay on alcoholism in india

There is help for people who have developed problems with alcohol in India including: * Alcoholism and Drug Information Centre is devoted to prevention and treatment of substance abuse in India.

They are a good resource to turn to for information and advice. Role of students in free india essay. and a. A.

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Efforts to control alcoholism and drug addiction have been made by introducing stringent legislative measures to regulate the manufacture, transportation and sale of these products and ban on their possession or use for other than.

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