Forrest gump literary analysis

We begin with the most obvious: This is a film that should have redefined the biopic.

Forrest gump literary analysis

Thursday, April 25, Forrest Gump: The plot focuses on the unveiling of the character qualities and life events of a man with an intellectual disability performed by Tom Hanks. Directed by Robert Zemeckisthis film uses narrative form and stylistic techniques to achieve an emotional connection between the audience and protagonist Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump narrates his life predominately from a bus stop bench through stories to highly variable strangers over the course of an afternoon while waiting for bus number nine: Through a subjective point of view, temporal relations are also supported in these scenes because his dialogue fades into a flashback of the story that is viewed by the viewer in the following scene.

For example, there are similar experiences for Forrest on buses which display the social norm of people who are looked down on for having a disability. When Forrest boards the school bus for the first time ever, every child is rude towards him and will not let him sit down.

Later in the film, Forrest experiences a similar incident in meeting his best friend, Bubba. There are also patterns in the meetings with Jenny throughout the film.

The majority of them are predetermined by Jenny, they are normally brief, and end with Jenny leaving Forrest behind alone. Nonetheless, Forrest is always very grateful for these moments with Jenny which make his joy complete even if only for a moment.

His ironic connections to historical moments relate much to cause and effect. Forrest later runs out of his leg braces. His discovered speed later gets him a college football scholarship.

Forrest gump literary analysis

After college, Forrest joins the army, and he is deported to Vietnam. In effect, he saves many lives winning a medal of honor. He was able to meet President Johnson, speak randomly at a peace rally, and see Jenny in Washington D.

Forrest begins to play ping pong for the army gets him on the Olympic team. Under the instruction of Lieutenant Dan, he makes an investment into Apple which increases his millions. No matter if Forrest is at his home, in Vietnam, on a boat, in a strip club, or on a bus, his character is fairly constant.

He always has his hair cut nicely and he is cleanly shaven. The three times we see this broken are extenuating circumstances: There are also two motifs established in the film: His shoes symbolize a part of his identity.

First, his braces represented a crutch in his life and his later running shoes represent his freedom. Each of these elements symbolizes the character traits of Forrest himself. The cinematography also illustrates an emotional connection to Forrest Gump.

The tonalities show Forrest in a predominantly low contrast and high key manner which elevates a mood of happiness or contentment. We see the perspective change often to personalize the viewer with Forrest Gump. Each of these techniques is vital for the emotional appeal of Forrest to the viewer.

Editing allows for the flow of action to run smoothly in this film to encourage the connection of the viewer to Forrest. Many of the narrations precede slightly what the image portrays.

In the scene where Forrest names his fishing boat, the viewer hears him say he named it the most beautiful name he could think of."Forrest Gump" is the story of a man who overcomes numerous obstacles throughout different stages of his life and always seems to see the brighter side of things in the process.

Through the movie's entirety, outstanding performances from various award winning actors give this film's involved and /5(8).

Text Analysis that Connects to Disability in Forrest Gump Example 1: "Disabled literary characters usually remain on the margins of fiction as uncomplicated figures or exotic aliens whose bodily configurations operate as spectacles, eliciting responses from other characters or producing rhetorical effects that depend on disability's cultural resonance" (Disability, Identity, and Representation,Thompson 9).

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Forrest gump literary analysis

English Film Analysis Forrest Gump Positive traits of Characters Forrest Gump- He is played by Tom Hanks.

He is a simple minded man with simple dreams born in Greenbow, Alabama. He is a simple minded man with simple dreams born in Greenbow, Alabama.

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