How did you spend your weekend essay

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How did you spend your weekend essay

Weekend is something I really look forward too. From the other busy five days of school, I really get rest and relax on weekends.

On Friday mornings I am so happy because I would have to get up early only for this one day and then sleep to my wish on weekends. Moreover, as a family we all could spent some time on weekends. Last weekend was great for me.

My mother was busy preparing some food items and I helped her by looking after my little sister and playing with her. Over there, we had a great time. My niece was also there and we kids played a lot. When it was time to serve lunch, my mom and aunt served lunch and we all had a great yummy lunch.

After lunch, we fell asleep. By evening, we had our tea and went for a drive in the city. It was so much of fun, that we really enjoyed the day.

Getting back home, we were tired and slept of early. On Sunday morning, we went to the church and attended the masses. After church we came back home and then had our breakfasts.

After clearing the dishes, I studied for some time and then relaxed watching my favorite cartoon shows. After lunch, we all rested for some time and in the evening after tea and snack, my parents, me and my little sister went to a nearby park. We played for some time there and then took rest.

Then we had a walk around the park and enjoyed the evening breeze. When it got dark, we came back home. After taking showers, we had our dinner and then after our evening prayers, we kids went to slept.Letter to your friend living in another city describing what your school is like and also the new things that have been introduced Write a letter to a friend who has met with an accident, Friendly Letter Write a letter to your friend congratulating her on her selection in the school debate team.

How did you spend your weekend essay

Friendly Letter Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a weekend with you. indulge: to allow yourself to have something enjoyable, especially more than is good for you: hedge: In gardening a hedge is a row of woody plants, generally of one species, used to demarcate spaces.

How did you spend your weekend essay

No matter how much you want to be successful and climb the corporate ladder quickly, you can't neglect your friends and family to do it. If you don't spend your free time like this, it doesn't. How I Spent My Last Sunday: Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph How Did You Spent Your Last Weekend?

How I Spent My last Sunday: Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph: Time waits for no slips like sand from your hand. It may only take you a weekend to churn out a good essay, but you’re probably gonna be facing 10+ individual essays.

Try to start when the school year begins- don’t wait until December like I did. Short essay on How You Spent Your Last Sunday (free to read). Sunday is the ‘Sabbath day’ and is generally meant for rest and leisure. But pure rest means rust.

Leisure does not mean lying in bed or sitting motionlessly on the sofa. It means diversion from routine work.

Tell me how did you spend your last weekend Answer / ashish i spent my last weekend at my work place. i woke up at 7am. i took bath at i had my breakfast and left for office. i . On my weekend I always dance. I don't have a Saturday normally because i'm constantly dancing away. I dance 4 hours on Saturday. 2 hours with my friends and the other with my father. After dance with my dad, we always go out to eat. He usually lets me pick and then we eat together. After that on Sundays we go to Mass. I am Catholic. Jul 07,  · Hi ruben, your weekend is very interesting, you really like spend time with your family, that’s weekend is diferent because on the saturdays.. I play in the computer with my brother, usually from to , all morning in my house, after play.

I am not fond of a vegetable life.

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