How to write a speech for high school captain

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How to write a speech for high school captain

Joshua Leach Curran Captain Being granted the position of Curran House Captain for the year is an enormous honour for me and I thank the school for allowing me the opportunity to take on this position. Through my role as House Captain I aim to inspire all students to participate and I plan to demonstrate strong leadership capabilities to present myself as a role model to students of my house and the wider school community.

I look forward to what the year may hold and hopefully through the encouragement of all students, will be a victory for Curran house. Throughout my role as a House Vice-Captain for Curran in I have seen these values on full display during my work with the leadership team.

In I wish to uphold these attributes with pride while supporting my house and my school. I aspire to inspire students to participate in and promote intergrade and house relationships to better the unity within our great school.

I have never been the sportiest person but I will always strive for achievement. I hope to promote sportsmanship, confidence and team spirit, not only in my house but throughout the school community.

I am very proud to be a student of CHSHS and will continually strive to be a positive role model and leader for others.

how to write a speech for high school captain

I am so humbled by this opportunity and look forward to working with the other leaders and staff, who inspire me, to make an enjoyable year for everyone. Curran Vice-Captain As I have successfully secured the role of Curran Vice-Captain inI am looking forward to sharing my passion for sports by encouraging other people to get involved.

I have always loved sports and I am so grateful for the opportunities this role will bring. I hope that in this position I am not only able to improve my confidence and leadership skills, but am also able to increase participation and overall house spirit in Curran.

I promise that as a leader I will give all my effort and strive to be the best role model for others that I can. I am also excited to work with fellow student leaders, as well as teachers and other students, and I know that together we can make a great year.

how to write a speech for high school captain

The opportunity to be a part of the sporting future of Centenary Heights is an exciting prospect. My aims for this year are to contribute positively within the school and to grow as a leader.

I will give it my all and keep my head held high, contributing all I can to our wonderful school and leading Kenny to many victories throughout the year. I look forward to working with the leadership team for and have no doubt that we will all work together to benefit the school.

It is definitely going to be a year to remember.

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Kenny Vice-Captain As Kenny Vice-house captain forI would like to ensure every student enjoys and has fun at all our sports carnivals and sporting events.

I wish to help encourage and support the team, as well as demonstrating good sportsmanlike behaviour towards the other three teams. I wish to be a good role model, and to be a voice for the rest of the school. I want to be someone the students can talk to and freely approach as they wish.

Hopefully, working with the other three Kenny captains, we can help encourage Kenny as a team, and lead Kenny to many, many wins!!

I look forward to working and encouraging students to participate in the Centenary sporting events like the swimming carnival, sports day and cross country. My aim for as a leader of Centenary Heights is to get more people to participate in the swimming and athletics carnival from Kenny House.

I am looking forward to taking on this leadership role and working with the students and teachers throughout Discuss Ideas for school captain speech and General Discussion in the Huggies General Baby Topics Forum. Raise your question or find answers in existing discussions. DD will be in year 6 next year, and wants to run for school captain.

She has to present a speech to the school, which she has no problem doing. Step 1. Write your opening paragraph. Explain what cheerleading means to you and why you want to be captain of the squad. Describe your particular vision of . Jul 28,  · Times journalists are annotating this speech with Genius.

If you see a passage highlighted in yellow, you can click on it to see what we have to say about it. Get The New Daily free every morning and evening. Dying school captain’s inspiring valedictory speech. Just one week before his final school assembly, Christchurch Boys’ High School.

We are the alumni of Edmunds High School. This website spans our 1st through 12th grades within the Sumter, South Carolina, District 17 School System for all Edmunds High School graduating classes from through Apr 09,  · I need help on how to write a really good speech that will get me the position of school captain.

I really want to go for the position and as my school has merged with 2 other schools i'll also be the fist school captain of the Resolved.

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