Interview with a jewish person

I need to interview a Jewish person and I've created some questions for anyone who's interested. Please feel free to make any suggestions on rephrasing my questions if any of them are confusing or unclear. Anyway, here they are: Do you face any difficulties with keeping kosher?

Interview with a jewish person

They think that this is ok and they willfully choose to bury their heads in the sand. I don't think there is anything that you can do unless you know someone else that was interviewed by this man and he did the same thing - asking what I hope are illegal questions.

You are not alone.

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Ed Rendell is many things. I don't think workaholic is a good thing. It means that you have no aspirations - that you are boring and uninventive. It's not healthy and it's certainly not sustainable. I firmly believe that there is more to life than just work.

I'm a dedicated employee. I know that balance and sustainability are the key to healthy and sensible lives. What are we working for? Work for the sake of work? I think that is stupid. I laugh at those that talk about the future as if it's guaranteed or something they are entitled to.

Perfect plans can be destroyed in an instant. It's not as if I don't plan or think about the future but I'm not arrogant enough to think it's something I'm entitled to. I think balance and quality of life are very important. What are we doing?


What matters to us? If everyone were workaholics then we would not continue on. People would die out. Some people just go through life with a single focus. Maybe it's necessary but balances out I resent when others try to put that onto others.

Ed Rendel and others like him should not comment at all. To each his or her own. That's my real and only objection.

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Like if you are not a workaholic then you are somehow deficient or not as committed or not as good or not as driven.Apr 02,  · Hi everyone, I'm doing an interview for a project for my religious studies class. I need to interview a Jewish person and I've created some questions for anyone who's interested.

Ask a Jewish Person. a twenty-seven-year-old man named Bill Glucroft climbed into a glass box in the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Interview with a jewish person

Almost immediately, he was surrounded by a group of museumgoers. Now I understand it from the point of view of a Jewish person.” Olga Mannheimer, a writer and journalist born in Warsaw, said that when she was in the box many Germans were afraid to ask questions.

Jewish Spirit - Interview

Editor: When did being Jewish first hold meaning for you? Jodee: I can’t remember it not meaning something to me, so I guess it always did. But I think it started causing problems when I entered school.

When I was at home with my mom and dad, I thought everybody was like us. Oct 22,  · I have to Interview A jewish person and I need some interview questions to ask them. Please help this project is worth points and I need to pass the Resolved.

My Identity as a Jew: An Interview with Jodee Steiner. My Identity as a Jew: An Interview with Jodee Steiner Topics: jewish identity, interviews, stories of jews for jesus staff Category: Issues also a Jewish believer in Jesus. This interview was conducted before their marriage when she was still Jodee Karroll.

Interview with a jewish person


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