Mfa thesis nyscc

I am creating moments, objects, processes, signs and symbols that echo time and its relationship to the sublime. By narrating how I understand and experience time in my work, the infinite becomes somehow more tangible. Time affords me a glimpse of eternity and the ability to comprehend it just enough to hold on to my belief in its existence. Using reductive forms and essential materials, contrasting deep and shallow, vast and narrow, raw and exquisite, my work becomes a moment of intersection that spans the gap between the present and the eternal.

Mfa thesis nyscc

What is a Thesis? The thesis project is a creative endeavor and an original investigation of a specific viewpoint. Because Mfa thesis nyscc MFA degree is a terminal degree in this field, it is expected that the project be at the highest level of visual artistic work.

It must be a cohesive body of work. It must bear up to the scrutiny of the creative community, and further our understanding of its specific investigation.

It will be understood and evaluated within the terms that you yourself define. They are meant to direct and define the goals and terms, which render your work significant. Accompanying this portfolio is a supporting paper that documents and assesses the development of that work.

The student will supply their paper to the committee prior to the student presenting their project in front of the committee. Any student who does not receive a passing grade for thesis will not be eligible for degree conferral.

The spring semester of your second year will be an intense period during which creative work and production develops into a cohesive whole. This process begins long before the spring semester — in the summer of your first year at the latest. Before beginning of the fall semester of your thesis year, you should already be examining your work critically, considering what creative direction you might be heading into and where you are aiming to be in six months.

Discuss your work and ideas with the Chairperson, your peers, critique instructors, and your other sources of creative inspiration. Get your creative juices flowing and focus your thinking into a raw concept for your project.

Graduates of Alfred University - the names .. Art is energy, an inherent force in my blood, the strength of my culture, relentlessly working with the desire to express, give, and share the adventure of creation. In consciousness and materiality where all possibilities already exist, clay is visceral audacity, innocent and savage in conception and evolution.
Available Areas of Study How did you first get involved in ceramics?

Remember that it is always best to set realistic goals for the size and scope of the project based on your personal funds, necessary equipment, and other resources.

If you are planning on working with video in your thesis project, you must commit to video by October 2nd, Your proposal should state the medium and general format of your intended thesis project, to be completed during the spring semester. This proposal should show an awareness of the historical and cultural context in which your work is situated as well as its influences, and personal or social factors that bear upon its significance in a larger cultural milieu.

All thesis proposals must be written in proper English and should be copy edited for spelling and punctuation. Your thesis proposal should function as a strategy or game plan that facilitates, directs, and focuses the body of your project.

It is meant to serve as a plan for you and your faculty, as well as a reference for understanding the ideas, goals, and intentions of your project. A preliminary visual representation of your work is required with the thesis proposal.

Thesis Paper The thesis paper is a supporting document and should not eclipse the artwork.

Mfa thesis nyscc

Nonetheless, an MFA degree requires verbal and written evidence of both intelligent, creative decision-making, and an awareness of the historical and contemporary context of the work. It should locate your work within a historical and cultural context and state the reasons, personal or social, for addressing these concerns.

It is expected that your thesis project will make a contribution to the culture it addresses. It should, therefore, place itself within a larger sense of the world and your personal concerns should be articulated with an awareness of their historical position. This statement need not be long, but it should be clear and focused.

This statement will serve as an archive or notation of the project you have completed and should compliment the more extensive analysis you have outlined in your proposal. Statements should be in clear, concise English and copy edited for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

This statement need not exceed five pages in length. The faculty committee on your Orals panel will have read it and will use it as a guideline to understanding and interpreting your project. Visual representations, either photos or diagrams of your work or others, may be incorporated into the paper but are not necessary.

Thesis Oral Presentation Each candidate will be required to present and orally defend their work in a twenty minute closed session before a committee of three faculty members on Saturday, April 2nd, As stated previously, your thesis paper will be given to the committee prior to the oral presentation so that the committee will approach your work with an awareness of your ideas.Light Show, NYSCC at Alfred University, Alfred, NY MFA Thesis Solo Show ‘’ Creative Consciousness - The Art of Allowance ‘’.

US News and World Report ranked Alfred University's Fine Art programs in the top tier of MFA programs in the country. We are ranked #1 in Ceramic Arts; 3rd in Glass; and 9th for our MFA overall according to their Best Grad Schools rankings.

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MFA in Painting Degree Requirements Degree requirements include two years of full time residence (two semesters at Alfred University, two semesters at Alfred’s Düsseldorf Studio Facility) and a minimum of 60 graduate credit hours, submission of a written thesis and thesis exhibition.

The beauty of writing the MFA thesis is the freedom one gets to really dig into their year specified process and format the structure itself. This structure can be transparent and also retained. New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University (MFA) Ontario College of Art and Design (BFA) School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Mobility Exchange Program) George Brown City College (FashionTechnology) Solo and Two Person Exhibitions Mixed Bunch.

The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA. Green Zone, with Rick Mansfield. MASS Gallery, Austin, TX. Master of Fine Arts Graduate Thesis Exhibitions April From April 10th through April 27th, the Museum becomes the site for five MFA thesis exhibitions.

These exhibitions feature the student’s work in completing a two-year degree at the School of Art and Design, NYSCC at Alfred University.

Artist Statement - Aaron T Benson