Persuasive speech hunting essay

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Persuasive speech hunting essay

Though main hunting for food can be viewed as bad because of hunters and how they kill animals incorrectly. Some may see that hunters use this as a recreational sport.

To be against hunting, this letter to all of Colorado talks about how hunters misjudge targets and assume elk are deer or deer are elk or even people are such animals and begin to shoot and get into deep trouble.

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For bragging rights animals are prized or just income these are what animals become after getting killed. It is mostly had become a con to any argument because of those who hunt go after most mature animals that are able to produce. Hunters go after most animals and kills a big group of young males and causes extinction of animals.

Just like Polar bears, in Polar bears were declared as a threatened species. If you are an animal supporter trophy hunting is one of the worst kind of violations in the world to nature. It even becomes more of a problem when hunters kill an animal that is an andangered species.

Mostly the reason of why a hunter does trophy hunting is to have it as a memento of what they have killed and be proud of what they have done.

Some hunters do like to use the meat of the animal for the meat because they think it is a waste if it is not used but still also use the whole body or even the head of the animal given to the tazxidermist to have it held as a symbol an award or prize.

It not only does bring income or become such as a prize, if you think of trophy hunting just as hunting without the trophy part it is used to help with protecting animals and humans getting killed so when an animal goes rapid and wild throughout a certain area a hunter kills it and it helps protect us humans from getting hurt or killing any other animals.

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Persuasive speech hunting essay

Exotic skins, fur, galuchat sharks, manarayskarakul lambs inside a mothers wombleather and suede are all things we use as items to help create fashion designer make clothes. The con of this is because it caused extinction or close to extinction of animals like these ten top animals: Since dogs are used for fox hunting it becomes gruesome.

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The pros of the hunting for such uses can be to help kill the animals that are dangerous to us. Like Thylacines Tasmanian tigers they are the largest marsupial, that has the head of a dog, the stripes of a cat, and the pouch of a kangaroo. They were said by farmers that they killed thier livestocks.

They were much of a problem even more people started killing these unique creatures and exterminate them. The last one of thier existence lived til at the Hobart zoo.

And they also used the unique creatures fur to create quality clothing. On a desolated land once human activity became it became a problem and they never stood a chance towards the humans pets: Now we understand both sides of the subject of hunting in three major reas of Food, Trophy, and use as fur or teeth or any other organ or use we can get out of an animal.

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You need to present the problem, identify the reasons why it is important, describe your solution and explain why it is the best one. The circle of life is what we call it even though others think it’s wrong. Sports like hunting and fishing are truly a good thing to have because without them there would be no humans on earth.

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Transcript of Hunting Persuasive Speech. Lizzy Engbarth Why Hunting Is Good Hunting Is Good For The Enivironment Controls animal population Raises money for environmental issues Keeps enivronment in balance Hunting is Good for Society Supplies people with food.

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