Sarah lawrence creative writing faculty

Academic facilities[ edit ] Bates Center for Student Life is one of the original campus buildings. At one time, it was home to a miniature basketball court that is now a faculty dining room, though the lines of the court can still be seen on the floors.

Sarah lawrence creative writing faculty

Bronxville, New York Overview Founded inSarah Lawrence is a small, liberal arts college for men and women. It is a lively community of students, scholars, and artists, nationally renowned for its distinctive academic structure that combines small classes with individual student-faculty conferences.

Sarah lawrence creative writing faculty

Sarah Lawrence attracts students who seek a creative education and are eager to take responsibility for it. The College draws its students from forty-nine states and thirty-one countries.

Home of the Mustangs

Graduate programs are deliberately kept small. There are approximately graduate students. Highways and a commuter railroad make it possible to reach the city in about 30 minutes, enabling students to take advantage of its social and cultural riches and its internship possibilities.

Small seminar classes with individual student-faculty conferences allow close collaboration with faculty members in all three programs, and the opportunity for fieldwork is extensive and varied. Most graduate programs are for two years of full-time study and require 36 course credits.

A part-time program may be arranged. The program in dance is based on the premise that dance is a unique art form, calling for the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Daily modern and ballet technique classes are required of all graduate students. The student is exposed to vital aspects of the art as a performer, creator, and observer, with music as an integral part.

The curriculum centers on choreography, dance improvisation, music improvisation, composition, and the teaching of dance. Course work is offered with undergraduate dancers, and the dance program offers students an opportunity to grow under the guidance of an excellent faculty of dancers and dance scholars with professional experience in the New York area and abroad.

The theater program is based on the principle that learning comes through practical application, personal experience, and intensive workshops. Working with a faculty of New York City theater professionals, students explore playwriting, acting, directing, design, and technical work in small seminars, private tutorials, and collaborative projects.

The writing program offers an uncommon opportunity for students to develop as poets, creative nonfiction writers, or fiction writers under the close supervision of an internationally renowned faculty.

At the center of the course of study are four successive seminars that students take during their two years in the program. In addition to the lively exchanges in these seminars, students participate in individual conferences with faculty members every two weeks.

Sarah Lawrence College is unable to offer federal financial aid to students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States. International students are also advised to investigate other financing opportunities offered by their governments or private institutions.Ready and eager for intellectual challenge?

Sarah Lawrence’s curriculum is based on round-table seminar discussions and close collaboration with faculty on independent writing and research. Sarah Lawrence College is a stalwart liberal arts jewel located just north of New York City, offering students an interdisciplinary education in which they are able to select their “own course of study” and design their own personalized projects (which can take any form, including creative works.

English III GT, English III English Language and Composition AP, English III Composition (DE). Learn more about the undergraduate courses available at Sarah Lawrence College in the undergraduate course catalogue. The mission of Sarah Lawrence College is to cultivate leaders and innovators with strong values and a keen sense of purpose—an answer to the question, Why?

We bring this mission to each of our summer . The members of the adjunct faculty at New York Law School are listed below. The distinguished adjunct faculty names are linked to their individual profiles.

Summer Programs at Sarah Lawrence College